Things to avoid when getting wooden blinds for your home

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Things to avoid when getting wooden blinds for your home

9 March 2016
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Blinds are great tools to add to your home for increased privacy, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. One of the most popular materials for luxurious-looking blinds is wood. Thick, wooden blinds look expensive and help shut both heat and cold out better than any other type of material due to the insulating qualities of the wood itself. However, if you're thinking about getting wooden blinds, you should know that there are some things you should definitely not do if you want to keep your wooden blinds in good condition.

Put them in the kitchen

The kitchen is an area where grease, dust, and food particles are circulating in the air all day, regardless of how much you clean it. The grease accumulated while cooking ends up all over your kitchen furniture, and your blinds are no exception. Wooden blinds shouldn't be cleaned with a too-abrasive detergent, as doing so can ruin their finish and cause them to break prematurely, which makes it hard to remove a build-up of grease and dust without also damaging the blinds. Therefore, when thinking about getting wooden blinds for your home, consider putting them somewhere other than in the kitchen.

Wait too long between cleanups

Don't get wooden blinds if you're unwilling to put some time into maintaining them. The blinds need to be dusted off every week, and sometimes more, in order to prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on them. This is especially important if you have blinds made out of dark wood, as dust particles tend to show a lot more on a darker background than a light one. If you dust regularly, it doesn't have to take longer than a couple of minutes. If you wait for too long, you can get a build-up and risk ruining them with an abrasive wash. Avoid waiting too long to clean your wooden blinds to make sure they look like they're supposed to.

Not treating them

Just like other wooden products, wooden blinds need to be treated regularly to be kept in pristine condition. Blinds are more fragile than other wooden furniture you might have in your home, as they are constantly in the sun. The sunlight can bleach them and dry them out, even if they sit on the inside of the window. You need to treat them regularly with a UV-resistant treatment that provides moisture to the wood. Don't assume that the original treatment they came with is enough to keep them looking good.