3 Reasons Why Internal Shutters Are The Superior Choice For Window Dressings

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3 Reasons Why Internal Shutters Are The Superior Choice For Window Dressings

14 March 2016
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If you're in the market for new window dressings for your home, then you may be feeling confused about which type will suit your needs best. Many people are under the misguided assumption that they need to choose between curtains or blinds for window dressings, but an increasingly popular option that you may not have considered is internal shutters. Many Australian home-owners are opting for shutters as their window dressing of choice, and there are three very good reasons why.

1. They improve the security of your home

Good quality internal shutters create an extra layer of security between you and the outside world. Once closed and locked from the inside, shutters are difficult and very noisy to try to break through. This will be a strong deterrent to any opportunistic thief who may be entertaining the idea of burgling your home.

Timber shutters are reasonably secure, but for the highest level of security you can't beat aluminium shutters. As a compromise, there are also timber shutters with aluminium cores available on the market.

2. They improve the insulation properties of your windows

With such a strong focus on reducing energy consumption and lowering energy costs these days, having a well-insulated home is a priority for many home-owners. Windows can be the cause of a large percentage of your home's heat loss and gain over the course of the seasons.

Internal shutters are one of the best ways to effectively insulate your home's windows. When closed, they provide both an extra layer between the interior of your home and external heat or cold and a buffer layer of trapped air between the shutter and the glass of the window. For even better insulation properties in homes that are in very cold or very hot regions, shutters incorporating an insulating foam core are excellent.

3. They're very low maintenance

Unlike curtains and blinds, which will need to be laundered or dry cleaned periodically, shutters are incredibly easy to keep dust free and clean. A simple wipe over with a micro-fibre cloth will remove dust effortlessly. Occasionally, you can wipe them over using a simple mix of warm water and dish-washing liquid to keep them looking like new.

The ease with which dust is removed makes shutters the window dressing of choice for households with asthma sufferers or those with dust allergies. It's incredible how much dust can accumulate in fabric curtains and, to a lesser extent blinds, which can contribute to health problems in family members with respiratory issues.

Internal shutters are the superior window dressing choice due to the highly practical benefits they offer. They are also a stylish and versatile choice when it comes to décor, and they will add an elegant and streamlined look to your home.