Tips When Installing Blinds

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Tips When Installing Blinds

16 March 2016
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Installing new stylish blinds can be a great way to renovate any space on a budget. Most blinds are designed to be affordable and come in a number of different style variations making it easy for you to find an option that matches the existing style in any room. Hanging the blinds inside the window frame is a trend that allows you to create a cleaner and sleeker look than when you choose to install outside mounted blinds.  Before you begin installing blinds inside your window frame, consult the tips below to make the process simpler and less time consuming.


It is best to begin the blind installation process by marking inside the window frame where you want the bracket to be placed. Choose one side of the window frame to start with and choose an approximate location for the bracket. You can then make sure that this location for the bracket will be far enough away from the window to ensure that the blind does not touch the glass once it is installed. You will then have to take the bracket and mark where the screw holes will need to be created. You can use a pencil to mark where the screw holes will need to be placed.


Once you have the screw holes marked, you can use a drill to create the holes. Just make sure that you are using a drill bit to create the screw holes that is smaller than the screws that you will be using to secure the bracket in place. Once the screw holes have been drilled, you can align the bracket with the holes and then secure the screws using a screwdriver. Just make sure that you screw them in securely to support the weight of the blind. Before you create the screw holes on the opposite side of the window frame, you should use a level to make sure that the blind will be level when it is hung in place.


You can then install the blind by sliding the headrail into the bracket. The headrail is the very top part of the blind and it should slide right into the bracket and fit into place. Just make sure that each side of the headrail is secure in place before you place before you attach the bracket covers over each bracket on the sides of the window frame.