Modern Shop Fitting Design Ideas to Discuss With Your Contractor

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Modern Shop Fitting Design Ideas to Discuss With Your Contractor

21 March 2016
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Shop fitting, or the task of outfitting a retail store, restaurant, or other such space with needed displays, racks, and furniture, is very important for any business. The right shop fitting pieces can ensure that customers can shop easily and find what they need, and even entice them to buy pieces they might otherwise overlook. Shop fitting designs can also give your storefront a unique feeling and atmosphere, and a modern, trendy look can pull in buyers who want the latest fashions and accessories. When you're ready to outfit your retail business with a modern look, note a few shop fitting design ideas you might want to discuss with your contractor. 

1. Glass shelving

Glass shelving is often associated with a modern look, as it's very urban and popular in homes and businesses in big cities. Rather than choosing wood or even white plastic for your shelves, opt for glass shelves. If glass seems too delicate, you can opt for Lucite or Plexiglas, both of which are stronger and less likely to break than actual glass.

2. Pipes and wires as hangers

Urban stores and businesses usually have reclaimed or reused industrial pieces as fixtures, and you can do the same in your store by using pipes and wires as hangers. Industrial copper wire can be strung along a wall to hold hangers or clips, and pipes can be fabricated to work as racks for the store floor area.

3. Concrete furniture

Concrete may not seem like a good choice for furniture material, but note that the surface can be softened and buffed for more comfort. You can add an aggregate such as soft glass to make the concrete more reflective, or a colored aggregate such as pebbles or gravel to give it more eye-catching appeal. Poured concrete furniture pieces in the middle of your shop can make it seem very modern and industrial and very unique.

4. Strong lighting

A modern design is one that usually has very strong, bright lighting, rather than soft lights that are meant to tone down the space. Strong lighting is then reflected in the glass fixtures and shelves you choose. When designing your shop fitting layout and choosing pieces, be sure you opt for strong overhead lighting fixtures and even spotlights that highlight certain pieces. A brighter store can also feel like a cleaner store, so be sure you install lots of bright lights in your store when creating a modern look.