What to think about when choosing curtains for your kitchen

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What to think about when choosing curtains for your kitchen

21 March 2016
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Choosing curtains for your kitchen windows is a more complicated procedure than many people think. Due to the nature of a kitchen and the fumes produced when cooking, it's not possible to just choose any drapes and believe them to be unaffected by the atmosphere. In order to choose kitchen curtains that suit your kitchen aesthetically as well as finding curtains that can handle the demands being put on any items permanently placed in a kitchen, there are a few things you should think about. 

Curtain material and length

The first thing you need to consider is the material of the curtains. You might want thick curtains that block out a lot of light and give the room a luxurious appeal. This is, however, something you should refrain from doing in a kitchen. The best fabric for kitchen curtains is cotton, simply because it's the most easily washed material that is uncomplicated to remove stains and odours from. You should also consider keeping your curtains short, as it otherwise will be more fabric to wash and also add to the amount of dirt they accumulate by dragging on the floor all the time. If you still wish to have curtains that block light and that are hard to see through, consider getting cotton curtains on both sides of the window in a dark shade that can be pulled towards the middle when you want to block the outside world out.

Rod material

You also need to consider what material you use for the rod. Many people prefer wooden rods for their curtains due to the aesthetic appeal of the material. However, this is not a preferable material to use in a kitchen, as wood is much more prone to deform due to moisture and heat than other materials. Opt for aluminium or plastic rods when choosing curtain rod for your kitchen.

Colour and pattern

Finally, you also need to think about how you want the curtain to look. A kitchen is a simpler room than many others when it comes to choosing the look of the curtains as there aren't many other colours or patterns that can mismatch with the curtains. If you have wallpaper with a lot of patterns, you should stick to a solid coloured curtain. If the wallpaper is only one colour, then you can go crazy with what pattern you choose for your curtain without being afraid of mismatching. Especially if your kitchen is all white, which is rather common, the curtain serves an important role of being the piece that can make a room look special.