How to Choose Between Faux or Real Wood Blinds

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How to Choose Between Faux or Real Wood Blinds

23 March 2016
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When you want the rich, warm look of wood for your window treatments, you likely turn to hardwood blinds. However, these might be out of your price range, in which case you consider faux wood blinds. Each of these options has their own qualities that might make them a good option for you. Here are some things to consider when choosing faux or real hardwood blinds.

Faux Wood Blinds Don't Warp or Fade

A good reason to choose faux wood blinds is that they can typically handle more situations without getting damaged than hardwood blinds can. Faux wood blinds are manufactured with materials like composite or vinyl, which can handle extreme heat and direct sunlight. They won't fade over time due to getting a lot of sunlight through the windows, which is a slight risk with real wood blinds. They also won't warp due to getting wet or if the humidity is high in your home. However, if you want to avoid these risks and still get real wood blinds, you should look for ones that have a protective coating.

Real Wood Blinds Are Lightweight

One of the benefits to choosing real hardwood blinds over faux wood is that they are much lighter in weight. Not only are they easier to install due to being lightweight, but the blinds won't put as much stress on the hardware. This allows them to last longer without having to replace the hardware and mechanisms that are controlling the blinds. With faux wood blinds, you need to be careful with the type of hardware you use, since they are fairly heavy with the materials they are made from.

Faux Wood Blinds Are Easier to Clean

If you are concerned about what cleaning products to use on the blinds, you might want to choose faux wood blinds. These tend to be easier to clean because you don't have to stress about using the right products. The material can handle just about any cleaning product, from feather dusters and microfiber cloths, to natural cleaning sprays or a store-bought all-purpose cleaner. With real wood blinds, you need to be extra careful about what you use on the wood so you don't cause damage to them.

Real Wood Blinds Are Made From Natural Materials

While faux wood blinds can look similar to real hardwood, it never truly mimics it completely. Not only will you not get the warm look you want with faux wood, but they also won't be made from natural materials. Real hardwood blinds are made from real trees, which makes them a more organic option.