Questions to Enlighten You on Which Custom-Made Blinds Will Be Best

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Questions to Enlighten You on Which Custom-Made Blinds Will Be Best

31 August 2018
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One of the stylish treatments you can choose to replace your outdated curtains is custom-made blinds. In addition to being constructed to your specifications, blinds give you a variety of functions to make them ideal for different situations. Thus, when having your custom-made blinds made, you need to consider utilising different windows treatments for the various rooms in your home. Secondly, you also need to identify your immediate needs before you can select the types of blinds that would work for your household. The following article looks at the different questions you should ask yourself when mulling over the various custom-made blinds you want to be installed in your residence. 

Do you have rambunctious pets or children?

Young children and pets can be extremely inquisitive. Thus, when they see hanging cords from your blinds, chances are they will try to pull at this string. Not only does this pulling cause the risk of damage to your window treatments, but it can also pose a strangulation hazard if the pets or kids end up wrapping the cord around their throats. Thus, if you are installing window furnishings in a playroom or on low windows, you should opt for the cordless variety that will be inaccessible to both children and furry friends.

Are you willing to engage in intensive maintenance?

Blinds are available in a wide selection of materials, which makes them more appealing that drapery that is only available in fabric. Nonetheless, the vast array of supplies also means that the blinds will require different levels of care if they are to remain pristine. For example, while Venetian blinds add elegance to your windows, they are quite prone to dust accumulation, which can lead to permanent staining. You would have to vacuum and wipe down these blinds on a fairly regular basis if they are to remain clean. On the other hand, aluminium blinds are non-porous so they will never absorb dirt. Furthermore, the only maintenance they will need is an occasional dusting to keep them clean.

Is natural illumination vital for your space?

Although natural lighting is a top feature for most homeowners, the harsh Australian sun can mean uncomfortable indoor temperatures. Conversely, if your residence is located in an area that is cold for most parts of the ear, then you may want to maximise illumination. If your primary concern is keeping your furnishings protected from direct exposure to the sun, you could consider roman blinds that are highly adept at limiting the amount of light that streams into your home. For maximum illumination, lean toward blinds that have some spacing in between each slat.