4 Reasons to Choose a Copper Sink for Your Kitchen

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4 Reasons to Choose a Copper Sink for Your Kitchen

17 December 2018
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It's hard to imagine your house without a kitchen sink. You'll use it multiple times each day, so choosing the right one is extremely important. Most people simply think about shapes and styles, but you should also give plenty of thought to the material. Common options include porcelain and stainless steel, but you should really consider using copper instead, and here are just four reasons why.

1. Eye-Catching Style

The kitchen is going to be one of your home's focal points; it's where you'll eat with friends, chill out in the morning and pass around a bottle of wine with your friends. With that in mind, it makes sense to ensure your kitchen offers eye-catching style, and a copper sink will provide just that. The deep golden brown colour provides a premium appearance that you just don't get from other materials. Whether you want a rustic farmhouse appearance or something ultra-modern, you can count on a copper sink to perfectly set off your chosen style.

2. Antimicrobial Properties

One of the main problems with sinks is that they can get quite dirty in a way that you won't even be able to see. Since they can get moist and often contain food residue, they're a potential breeding ground for bacteria, which can be bad news for your health. Luckily enough, copper sinks can prevent such issues since copper has natural antimicrobial properties. Bacteria finds it very hard to live on copper surfaces.

3. Extremely Durable

Durability should be a key concern when you're looking at sink materials. Many sinks, such as those made from porcelain or ceramic, will crack or chip if you ever drop something heavy. Others scratch and leave noticeable marks. Copper is extremely tough, so you can drop a pan without worrying about chips. And, while copper does scratch, it develops a patina over time to ensure that scratches quickly weather over and become impossible to spot.

4. Customizable

There isn't just one option when it comes to copper sinks. You can have the surface treated in different ways to reflect your own personal sense of style; for example, you can have it smooth, hammered or set with a more interesting and ornate design. Better yet, copper is an extremely workable material, so you can have a copper sink designed to fit any kind of space. When you invest in a copper sink, you can create something truly unique to your kitchen.