Questions To Ask Yourself When Purchasing Blinds for the First Time

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Questions To Ask Yourself When Purchasing Blinds for the First Time

26 July 2019
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Blinds have become one of the staple window treatments for a majority of Australian households. These window treatments offer a lot more advantages than their traditional counterparts—curtains—do, and this has led to the rise of a myriad of styles of blinds that all suit different needs. Hence, when you are in search of blinds, it is crucial to know beforehand what will be the most functional for your house rather than going into the market blind (pun unintended) and choosing the cheapest options available. This piece lists questions to ask yourself when you are purchasing blinds for the first time.

Do you have pets or young children who may disrupt the blinds?

Asking yourself this question will determine whether you will get manual or automated blinds. Young children are incredibly curious, so they have the propensity to tug at any hanging cords that will catch their attention. Therefore, people with pets or kids should steer clear from the manually operated blinds to ensure the safety of their babies as well as the longevity of the blinds. Automated blinds, on the other hand, are beneficial for any household, kids or not! Automated blinds take out the hassle of having to open and shut your blinds each time you need to, which makes them perfect for individuals with mobility challenges.

Are you keen on routine upkeep?

People have different feelings regarding chores. While some homeowners like engaging in tidying up the house and will enjoy cleaning their blinds, others will be willing to neglect this chore for the long term. Thus, your choice of material and style of blinds should be based on your preference. People that enjoy chores can opt for timber Venetian blinds, which need regular wiping to keep them attractive. If you have a cleaner in your house, you could also opt for Venetian blinds. If you do not enjoy chores, consider synthetic materials that will not absorb grime in the short term. Vinyl, faux timber and aluminium blinds are perfect for you since they can go a while without needing meticulous cleaning.

What degree of sunlight do you want?

Another decision that will affect your choice of blinds is the degree of illumination that you will prefer. Individuals that work from home or simply want their spaces brightly illuminated can consider vertical blinds that have wide spaces when opened and will maximise on the natural light that your house is exposed to. If you are choosing blinds for your bedroom or do not want sunlight interfering with your TV watching, you could choose pleated blinds that naturally have minimal space in between the pleats.