Why Are Commercial Perforated Metal Screens Popular in Architecture?

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Why Are Commercial Perforated Metal Screens Popular in Architecture?

20 July 2021
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Some materials are commonly used in commercial architecture, and you might see these materials used time and time again. For example, if you take a look at various examples of commercial architecture, you might notice that perforated metal screens are very commonly used. This is true across commercial buildings and structures of all different types, and it's true for a few reasons, such as the ones listed below.

They Look Great

There are many things that architects have to think about, and appearance is one of them. Perforated metal screens come in different colours, and the perforations come in different shapes and sizes. When the right perforated metal screens are chosen, these pieces of metal can add a nice, unique, and attractive touch.

They Help With Regulating Light

Commercial perforated metal screens are actually great for regulating light. If the screens have small perforations, then they will allow a little bit of light through, but they will help you create a darker area if that is what you are hoping for. On the other hand, if you would like to put in a wall or divider that still allows plenty of light to shine through, then you might want to choose metal screens that have bigger perforations that will allow more light through. With the right perforated metal screens, it's possible to keep different areas of a building properly lit, and it can even help with reducing energy use or allowing in desirable natural light, in some cases.

They Provide Ventilation

In many cases, perforated metal screens are used in areas where a divider of some sort is needed but when proper ventilation is still a necessity. Basically, perforated metal screens allow a breeze or air-conditioned and heated air to pass through the divider, which can help with maintaining proper air quality and temperature.

They're Affordable

Many commercial architects have to keep costs in mind so that they can stick within their clients' budgets, which means that these professionals often like to find useful commercial building materials that don't cost much. Commercial perforated metal screens can be pretty affordable and can help with saving money overusing certain other types of materials.

They're Versatile

Commercial perforated metal screens are popular because they are versatile. They can be cut to pretty much any size needed and can be put to use in several different ways. Contact interior design services to learn more about your options.